FAI World Championships for Free Flight  F1A - F1B - F1C   MONCONTOUR 2013

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Planing control models

The FAI World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft (classes F1A, F1B and F1C) for seniors will be organised at Moncontour-du-Poitou (86)-France on behalf of the French Federation of AeroModelling (FFAM) from 3rd August to 11th August 2013.


  The city of Moncontour, located in the northern part of the department of Vienne, the limits of the department of Deux-Sevres is located 20 km from Loudun and Thouars, 50 km from Saumur and Poitiers. The village is dominated by the tower and crossed by the Dive. The streets are lined with old houses. They climbed the hill where they grow, in cellars, mushrooms canned in the village. The inhabitants are called Moncontourois, Moncontouroises. The 1029 inhabitants of the town live in an area of 41 km ² with a population density of 25 inhabitants per km ² and an average elevation of 74 m.

  Since 1973, the municipality consists of two disjoint entities. The main set formed by Messais, Moncontour and Ouzilly-Vignolles, is separated from the enclave of St. Chartres, to the south by the town of Marnes. Moncontour is a part of the Community of Communes Country Loudunais.

  In 1976, the municipality implements a leisure around an artificial lake and a campground, attracting over 30,000 visitors in some years. In 2006, the base was modernized and hosts a waterskiing through a public / private partnership, which offers a 650m course. The lake hosts competitions skiing national and European.

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Siège social : MAIRIE de MONCONTOUR du POITOU (86330)-France
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